Artist Bio • Greg Bernhardt • Leicester, VT

Greg Bernhardt was determined at a young age that art and specifically painting would be in his future. Graduating from Bates College with majors in both Studio Art and Creative Writing, and a year spent abroad in Florence, Italy, Greg solidified his commitment to the creative process. Immediately following his formal education, he moved to Vermont, where he began studying the landscape and showing work in galleries in Southern and Central Vermont. During this time, he and his wife began a farm together that has been their livelihood for the past eight years, and started a family along the way.

These grounding endeavors have been the greatest influence in Greg’s life, and have shaped his approach and the subject matter of his painting. His representative landscapes and still-lives make a record of his and his family’s life.

On the surface, Greg’s intention rests almost entirely in the belief that his painting should be a representation of his immediate surroundings, the place he knows best, his farm. Buried underneath this intention is the hope that others will enjoy his images as much as they do visiting our animals and cheese caves.